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Busy days continue.  It is a gorgeous sunny autumn Lowcountry afternoon.  DJ (the 10 mo old) is here beside me on the sofa mostly trying to grab the keyboard, lol.  Tonight, once his mommy comes home, I have to do a marathon grocery shopping.
Food for all of this week, then food to leave while D 'sits' the household (pets, the littles after school, and my youngest son) which has to be easy to cook (she doesn't love cooking the way I do) and can't any of them require an oven (my stove is broken)  which eliminates the usual fall back items like pizza or casseroles. Fill in groceries for Reesie (some of her gluten free stuff she can't get around the college, and some items are just flat cheaper here cause I have a Save a Lot) Plus groceries for my 'camping' writing retreat (most if not all meals on the campfire...which thankfully I am pretty good at).  And finally ingredients so I can make the dogfood to last the next two weeks. Whew.

Ideas for easy, healthy, stovetop meals are solicited... HELP ME! LOL

Also stuck in the conundrum of how to allocate these precious FOUR DAYS of undisturbed writing time!  Do I try to slam through these edits for Khyr?  Do I devote this big chunk of writing hours to getting a new story well underway?  Why isn't thereTWO of me?  Editing.  Editing first. After all, I didn't spend all this time finishing this doorstopper just to stop one step away from completion.

Yep.  There's a plan.

Now... back to grocery lists.
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