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strange connections--just rambling

It has been a while.  Actually a very long while.
My mother has died in the interim.  We never expected that.  She just learned to ride a motorcycle.  She was looking forward to more adventures... guess death is the greatest one of all.  I hope she's having fun.

Daughter moved back to Ohio to finish school.  An empty bedroom.  How odd.

Anniversary would have been today.  How long?  Mercy I can't even remember.  I know it still seems like he should be coming home from work any time now.  That I pulled out his favorite winter sweaters to hang in the closet when it was 'officially' autumn and then realized he didn't need them this year.  And yet in a lot of ways his being gone has also become 'normal'.

Can't say I like it.  Always surprises my friends and relations when I say I would like to date and fall in love and get married again.  They think it is better to have the freedom of being single. Guess I am wired differently.  I love my freedom...but I want someone to share it with.

More tomorrow...
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