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Farewell to Summer

Always a sad time for me...saying farewell to the best part of the year.  Now the long times and cold weather will begin to creep upon us.  SADD seasons... though less so than before when I was up north and winter began at the end of Sept and lasted what seemed like forever.

But in these last glorious days while the memory of summer lingers, I shall celebrate and rejoice in each new day.  Begin to tuck away the things that belong to its golden glory to await its return.

Time to begin a change in my eating as well.  Less hours of daylight means 1) less time to be active outdoors 2) waaaayyy less motivation (let's face it, I am a bear. My natural tendency is to feed my blues and hibernate, LOL)  And since I do not wish to look like a beached whale when the sun returns to my world... I have GOT to fix that. :D

Suggestions for changes?
I know in order for this to be a lifestyle change (I don't really get into 'diets'... I prefer live-ets) I will need to add more vegies and cut some places.  Just need to figure out the ground rules.
Well, something to keep me preoccupied as winter creeps in on me.
Tags: diet, end of summer, hibernation, summer

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