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Fireworks and family

Had the most lovely time last night as Merrill and DeeDee invited me to bring the whole crew over to their house to set off fireworks.  So many wonderful memories of spending the 4th together, it was always one of David's favorite things.  He would go and buy enough fireworks (and always the 'good' stuff too!) for a small town's display and then he and Merrill, and whichever of the children had now reached the 'magical' age of being permitted to light something, would spend a couple of hours entertaining our whole neighborhood with the show.

Merrill kept that tradition alive, and I am sooo thankful for friends who love us so much.  AJ turned 13 last year... this was his year to join the ranks of adults and be allowed to set off some of the fireworks.  He was so happy and excited.  Reesie doesn't leave for Costa Rica till this afternoon, so she was there with us and helped also.  The night was warm, and the skies were clear... just perfect.

DeeDee made a huge bowl of wonderful fruit salad (we made a BIG dent in that)  and we all sat in the front yard grass and enjoyed the fireworks and the laughter.

Today I drive Reesie to Atlanta and watch her wing away to Costa Rica on her great adventure. So happy she has the opportunity to study abroad and experience another culture, a different way of life.  More from our adventure soon.
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