another_wip (another_wip) wrote,

Super Sunday

Today Little A and I drove to Reesie's new apartment.  He never knew where we were going except to some undesignated 'beach' and so, about an hour and a half into the trip, the inevitable "are we there yet" began.  Fortunately, he doesn't whine, just asks and then resumes what he was amusing himself with for another bit of time.  The drive was lovely, the traffic light, and C had plans to amuse Amy so she will not feel 'neglected' that this was her little brother's trip and not hers.  (her trip will follow shortly)

Now Reesie is out at the apartment playground (rather pathetic, but hey! it is something) swinging and sliding and running around with our boy. I am reveling in real peace and quiet and happily editing.  Life is good.
Tags: little a, reesie
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