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Freaky, Frazzled, Fantasy Friday

Things have been wild and wacky and woefully over-stressed the past couple of months.  My daughter, her fiance, and their baby moved down here and are living with me until they got jobs (check) and save enough to get their own place (pleeeeease let it be soon!)  Then her 10 yr old moved back here too (long story, court, custody, the usual stupidity that abounds these days when supposed grownups refuse to act on the best interest of the child in favor of 'getting even' for some imagined slight) Now I have three children living here... plus my remaining two additional adults:  8 people in my little 3 bedroom house. Along with another dog, which brings that total to 4.
Not complaining, mind you.  Glad to have the family all back together.  Glad they escaped the frozen north.  Just in desperate need of quiet..and sanity...and time ALONE (for this oh so introverted soul of mine)
So today was one of THOSE days...not enough time, not enough cars, too many people needing to be too many places ALL at one time. I never got to go to work, spent much of the day babysitting and wrangling who had to be where when and with whom... but I did get the kitchen picked up, the dishes done, supper made, and a dent (albeit small) in the grocery shopping.
<b>But</b>... amid the insanity... a EUREKA! moment. My cell phone is old. Like reaaaly old. And over the past month or so I noticed the volume through the earpiece diminishing to the point I had to put every call on speaker JUST to hear them. Either the speaker's going mute or I'm going deaf :(  This morning I was cleaning it off (little sticky fingerprints, dust from all the gardening/lawn work I do) and as I was wiping off the front I noticed the speaker piece seemed to dip in where I'd wiped it. So I scraped it off and!...there was a small silver piece recessed in the front that had been very smoothly obscured by a compacted filling of black 'dirt' the same color as the phone!
Guess that was why I couldn't hear, huh?
Isn't technology amazing? LOL  :D
Now... on to our Friday Fantasy photo.  I have <i>missed</i> these so much.  I am hard at work on the edits for The Call (Khyr's story) and I have new stories waiting to be written so I am very inspired these days.  Hope you find this inspiring as well.
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