another_wip (another_wip) wrote,

Friday ... already?

The brain is not on full this evening.
Little A is driving me nuts.  It is nothing new or unusual... pre-school energy and a bit of an 'attitude' from Reesie flying out this morning.  He hates being away from her.  He did his daily 'homework' very sloppily... on purpose.  He can do much better.  He is playing his music and dvds far too loudly... on purpose.  He kicked the dog.  That got him a time out in the corner.  Thankfully Redbone is so big and such a total Nanny dog, he doesn't really mind rough little boys.  But I won't put up with it, and A knows that.

He has spilled so many drinks... not on purpose... I am running out of towels to mop up the messes.

We walked, a really looooooong walk, while he splashed in puddles, and we looked for tadpoles, picked up leaves, found special rocks, and on the back roads I even chased him while he ran as fast as he could along the grassy tree lawns.  I am going to pay for this later, lol.  It still wasn't enough to get him unwound.

Since writing is not a likely option... we'll indulge our fantasies this way.

start them young    Yep.  Looks good to me.
Tags: fantasy friday, little a, running

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