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Welcome APRIL

oh..I LOVE the vernal equinox...for me THAT is the beginning of my year.  Hence my ridiculous energy and omg! so much to do enthusiasm :D So here I am, finally returned from my second round trip to Ohio in ten days.  Run Amy, drop off Little A for a visit.  Next weekend... run up, drop off Amy, pick up Little A. Whew, and now I am home with gorgeous Lowcountry weather. Bright sunshine. 89 degrees.  Azaleas in bloom and the first wisteria opening.  Pine pollen so thick everything is yellow.  Spring. I am sooo excited.

Now the insanity begins. I have to get groceries in the morning, finish the unfinished chores, corral the bank accounts, pay bills, AND go to Lowe's and get screen so I can put up screens on all the windows, get an edger tool (whatever they are called) so I can put in all my flower beds. Which means first, I need to buy graph paper and lay OUT the flower beds. Then plant them and mulch them. Get the vegie gardens in and fix the wooden pallet boxes I made the raised beds from.  So much to do! I love working in the yard.

OMG! the list goes on and on and on.... exterminator (don't's the south), replace the door to the attic, and the door to the backyard.  Buy a new washer and dryer (they died...and I have kids.  Nuff said).  Paint! Soooo excited to paint.  The front door is going to be bright Turquoise with glaze to make it shimmer like abalone. The interior needs a new coat of pale sand, the bedrooms need new color schemes. I can't wait.  And PALM trees! I have waited 2 years for my palm trees... it is time.  I may only be able to add one or two this year, but it is a beginning.
But this is my 'home'...and it's all I'll ever it is TIME to start budgeting what I need to make this place a home. Happy (broke but happy)

In addition to several PAGES of things I have to do, fix, buy (hey! I just realized I have one pair of shorts...which I got as a hand me down from the teens.  And no tshirts or tank tops. And I dare say, as this is the South,,, summer WILL be coming and I had better find something to wear) Which brings me to my next mad musing...time for this northern cow to lose some weight.  It took years of forced hibernation to get here... no doubt it shall require years to undo this mess...but I am diving in with great enthusiasm and determination. To be continued tomorrow...

And now, at long last, I get to dive headlong back into my story.  Khyr is waiting.  And I am eager to finish his story and share it with the world.
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