August 25th, 2014

Another beautiful day...

...and here we are.  Just sitting.
The stupid DHL courier is supposed to deliver dd's transcript today (just as they were supposed to on Thursday and Friday) Both of those days they ignored her delivery instructions (what time to deliver it, knock loudly) and brought it whenever they darn well felt like it. Why then bother to ask for delivery preferences at all?  She said morning... they delivered at 8pm.  She said after 6, they delivered in the morning. Of course, she wasn't here...can't very well be here when she is in class or at work.
So here I sit...all day. And pray, like crazy, dear lord PLEASE let these twits deliver it this morning! No after the registrar is closed... or the banks... but while there is still enough time for her to do the things they prevented her from doing when she was supposed to due to their negligence.
Not sure how Little A will amuse himself today. She has a PS he can watch some DVDs on... and he totally rocks at the HP Quiddich game. Later I will go out and make sure I can see ALL access to the apartment from the playground across the driveway.  If I can, then he can play on the swings for awhile.  And once her roommate gets up, he can play with Feathers, his talking raven toy. Feathers is just a bit too loud for so early in the day.
Personally, I am happy to just sit in the peace and quiet and work on my edits.  Which are going rather swimmingly thus far, although I'm not cutting nearly enough words.  Hopefully I will find some scenes and chapters I can just cut in their entirety to make up for all the ones I have only cut 5 or 10, lol.
Hope your day is lovely.  Outside we have clear blue skies, bright sunshine, and a pleasantly cool 87 on the way today.  I do so love summer...wish it could go on forever.