June 6th, 2014

I yield...

... it has only taken me ten days but I finally reached my limit and I yield.  It is not possible to write a romantic scene with Spiderman- Batman- Joker-Ben Ten- Kung Fu Panda- the Penguins- or whatever other totally annoying boy-child game is playing in the background.

I have started. Restarted. Started again..and again...and again.  And always, always, there is just no way to have anything even remotely coherent... much less sexy
... appear on the page.

Send him outside to play?  Great idea.  I firmly believe in lots of outdoor play for children and adults alike.  Except he can't be left alone out there.  So that means... oh yeah... I have to go out.  And I can't take the laptop... cause it has no working battery.  Also he plays in water.  And leaps out of trees.

It's okay. Little A won't be little forever.  And I love our time together.  I just wanted to finish JUST THIS ONE frellin' BOOK!

OK, rant over.  Resume your normal lives. 

From the Garden

So much happening in the garden now.
My beautiful deep purple pepper has its first crop
The chocolate pepper is still in the bitty green stage but will be gorgeous when they get big...
Plus the rest of the peppers... hot, banana, and my mystery peppers a friend gave me are all setting fruit now.

And tomatoes!  I have to go buy more cages or put up tents for them.  The fruit is getting heavy for them to hold up without support.

The baby pumpkins from last Halloween's pumpkin has already bloomed.  The squash have bloomed and are setting their fruit.  Yumm.
I still have purple cabbage and butter lettuce and even some kale from this spring.  Once they are gone I won't have more till the fall crop.

Potatoes looking great.  Onions are good.  Herbs are gorgeous and much used. My Cuban Oregano (neither oregano nor Cuban, but whattcha gonna do? LOL) is so beautiful I would keep it just as a plant, but I harvested a good thumb size piece tonight for the spagetti sauce. So delicious.

Still getting blackberries.  There are little figs, lemons, and pears.  Yep.  So far it promises to be a good year and I haven't even finished building my garden beds.